Razor Pouch

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Made of strong lightweight vinyl, Razorpouch uses its magnets, pouches and strong suction cup to allow storage of many handy household items. If you have a knob, hook, glass, mirror, or rod, Razorpouch can be placed there instantly without the need for drilling, gluing or mess. It is virtually maintenance free; it wipes clean with a damp cloth and is an eco friendly product made with recyclable materials.

- Safely store your razor when not in use.

- Strong suction and magnets allow for versatile placement and usage.

- Strong, durable design.

- Lightweight design for traveling.

- Versatile for storing other products like combs and grooming products.

- Virtually maintenance-free - Wipes clean with a damp cloth.

- Eco friendly and made with recyclable materials.

*accessories pictured with Razorpouch are not included, but each Razorpouch comes with a free disposable razor

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